Legal Matter or Not?

You have been asked about paternity testing.

  • Firstly, establish if the DNA test is required for a legal matter.
  • Are there solicitors or government departments involved?
  • Does the patient need to change the name on a birth certificate?

If the test is not required for a legal matter, you can refer the patient directly to us, although some patients prefer to deal with their GP for these matters regardless. Either is acceptable.

Even if the case is for a legal matter, feel free to refer the patient to us if they need to discuss their requirements in more depth.


If you have any questions or concerns please phone 021 4367992 or email us at Alternatively you can use our enquiry form here.

Starting the process

Order the kit online or phone 021 436 7992 to speak to us. You can also email to request a kit. Be sure to specify if the kit is required for peace-of-mind or a legal matter.

  • We will send out a kit to your medical practice.
  • The standard kit normally consists of 3 sets of swabs, one each for the mother, the child and the alleged father. There are other kits available for other types of tests.
  • There are also instructions on how to take samples, an application form and a FREEPOST return mailing envelope. We can tailor the kit if there are more or fewer people to test.
  • The patient will need to bring photo ID and a recent passport photograph to their appointment.
  • It is preferred if all parties are in the room at the time of sampling, but alternative arrangements can be made if this is not possible.
The Appointment
  • The appointment typically lasts approximately 30 minutes. Sampling can alternatively be carried out by a practice nurse.
  • Firstly, complete the paperwork and take a copy of the identification of each participant.
  • Take the mouth swab samples and label and package them as per the supplied instructions.
  • The completed pack must then be returned to us. Do not give the pack back to the patient; it must be handled by a member of staff at your medical practice.
  • Our fee for testing does not include your consultation fee, which is at your discretion.
  • The report will be issued within 5-7 working days

There is a report distribution page, with four sections that can be completed should four separate copies of the report be required. You must put your own details in one of those sections if you would like a copy of the report. We will normally email the report but we are more than happy to post a copy to you, for your records.

Phone us on 021 436 7992 or email us at at any time if you have any questions or concerns.