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We provide breed tests for dogs through our partners, Wisdom Health, world leaders in canine genetic testing.


Parentage tests and verification of identity

As for humans, DNA can verify parentage and identity in animals.

The animal’s DNA profile is unique, tamper-proof and does not change throughout an animal’s life. Even after an animal dies, the DNA profile can be extracted from different tissues. DNA can also be found in animal products such as meat or milk.

Parentage testing allows us to find out whether the animal’s parents are actually its biological parents.

The DNA profile of the animal is compared to the DNA profiles of the presumed parents.

Since each parent contributes 50% to the animal’s DNA profile, each marker in the animal’s DNA profile must be found in either the dam or the sire’s profile.

We can also test a single parent (e.g. if the second parent is not in doubt or if no DNA profile is available).

Multiple potential parents can also be included in the analysis.

In addition to parentage testing, DNA profiles can help to confirm the identity of an animal.

DNA profiles allow us to reliably identify an animal at any time and so are very important in the areas of food traceability and legal/insurance claims.

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